Kiwi Video

Video learning with summary and quiz features.

Kiwi is an AI-powered tool that helps users learn from videos. It allows users to ask questions and get summaries of the content they are watching. Users can also quiz themselves on the video’s content. Kiwi is designed to be used with various types of video content, such as TEDx Talks and educational videos on engineering and science. The tool works by breaking down the video’s content and using natural language processing to understand the information being conveyed. Kiwi then generates a summary of the video and creates quiz questions based on the content. Users can interact with Kiwi through a user-friendly interface that allows them to type in questions or click on a button to summarize or quiz themselves. Kiwi’s focus on using AI to improve learning from video content can be a valuable tool for students and anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of a particular subject. The tool’s ability to provide summaries and quiz questions can save users time and help them retain the material more effectively. Kiwi’s interactive interface ensures that users can easily engage with the tool and get the most out of their learning experience.

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Featured on December 23, 2022



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