Just Prompts

Optimizing user prompts for advanced output.

Just Prompts is a tool that enhances user-generated prompts by providing an Additive Prompting feature. This feature is designed to improve the quality of AI-generated outputs, making them more accurate and meaningful. The tool is made by two developers, @NickFloats and @SanxRoz. The tool requires users to obtain an API key before being able to use it. This API key can be obtained from the OpenAI platform’s account page. With Just Prompts, users can take their prompts to the next level by adding more context and nuance to their inputs. The Additive Prompting feature provides an advanced approach to prompt creation, allowing users to generate more accurate and diverse outputs from AI models. While there is no mention of the specific AI models supported by the tool, it is safe to assume that Just Prompts is designed to work with OpenAI’s models given its API key requirement. Overall, Just Prompts is a tool that enhances the functionality and accuracy of AI-generated outputs by allowing users to create more complex and nuanced prompts.

Ai Promptly

Featured on March 18, 2023



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