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Monitored machine health and performance prediction.

Canopy is an AI-powered asset management software developed by Jungle. It uses historical data to predict component failure and identify underperformance, enabling companies to increase their production efficiency and prevent unplanned downtime. Canopy’s machine learning models are trained without labelled data, allowing it to learn what normal behavior looks like without requiring annotated failures. It continuously monitors the health of machines, tracks performance in real-time, and sends dynamic and contextual alarms to detect abnormalities in any operating condition, making the alarms more meaningful and reducing unnecessary notifications. The software is designed to fit various industries, ranging from manufacturing to wind power to solar energy. Canopy provides advanced visualisations and tools that show the machine state in different ways, allowing companies to explore developing issues from sensor level investigations to higher-level alarms. It empowers users to resolve issues together and work in one place while looking at the same data from all possible angles. Canopy is remotely deployed, which means it does not require any hardware installation, allowing for fast product deployment. It also offers user-friendly interactivity based on the client’s needs, making it an intuitive software to use. Canopy is trusted by customers around the globe and is built on intensive customer feedback.

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Featured on December 1, 2022



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