Restores old photos to original state. is a cutting-edge AI tool for restoring old photos to their original state without loss of quality. It supports restoration of old, scratched photos, colorization, and Magic Photo. The AI models used are from 2022, and the process takes 3-5 minutes per image. The tool works best when images have been cropped to remove irrelevant background items, and if the photo is too badly damaged, the AI may not be able to completely repair it. Magic Photo is a process that can make a portrait move vividly, and can support up to 10 faces. jpgHD supports any images, including landscape, portrait, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, old, and scratched photographs. The AI automatically deletes data that is more than 3 days old to save storage costs and prevent data leakage, but users can also manually delete it at any time. jpgHD offers a paid service for prioritized tasks, no limit to upload size, access to higher resolution, scratch-fixing, and more. Deleting an error task will refund the credit. The demo images are processed automatically by the AI, and the original images can be downloaded from the website. Help can be accessed by emailing [email protected]

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Featured on January 6, 2021



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