Job Hunt Mode

Job search platform with personalized career support.

Job Hunt Mode is an AI-based automated career services platform that helps individuals navigate job hunting. The platform provides users with personalized career advice, automated job hunting services, and AI-written resumes. Job Hunt Mode’s AI tools are powered by OpenAI API, fine-tuned from the gpt-4 model, which provides personalized career advice to individuals who fill out a quick four-question form. Users can get back several resumes to use their transferable skills while applying for jobs with more confidence. The platform offers automated career services year-round, with support available via inbox-based system. One of Job Hunt Mode’s key features is its ability to create a knowledge graph of user resumes using AI, transforming the content to provide career advice, resumes, or career path recommendations. AI Writers also assist in generating content to match the employer’s needs. However, Job Hunt Mode still includes human employees who customize the AI-generated content further, based on the job description and requirements for that position. Overall, Job Hunt Mode is a valuable platform for individuals looking to streamline their job hunt process. With personalized career advice, automated job hunting services, and AI-written resumes, users are given the tools they need to stay competitive in today’s job market.

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Featured on April 1, 2023



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