Jit Codes

Converts text to code in many languages.

JIT.codes is an AI-powered tool that transforms text into code. Users are required to have an OpenAI API key to use the tool, which is stored locally on their browser and not sent to any external sources. It allows users to generate code in HTML, CSS, and JS based on the text input. The tool claims to be free to use and provides users with the ability to create and explore code. JIT.codes emphasizes the use of AI for code generation, highlighting the innovative use of machine learning in converting text to code. The website offers users the ability to provide feedback or report any bugs they encounter while using the tool through a feedback form or their Twitter page.Overall, JIT.codes offers a unique and interesting approach to generating code using AI. This tool could be of great benefit to developers, designers, and anyone who needs to create code quickly and efficiently. However, without further information, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness and accuracy of the AI-generated code. Nevertheless, JIT.codes could be a great addition to any developer’s toolkit as they navigate the rapidly changing world of AI and code generation.

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Featured on March 31, 2023



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