Chatbot for higher education institutions.

Ivy.ai is an AI platform designed to simplify conversational chatbots for higher education institutions. It comes pre-trained with millions of questions and answers from a college or university’s website, providing personalized results right out of the box. Ivy.ai is integrated with over 30 campus vendors, enabling personalized conversations at scale. The platform is optimized for colleges and universities, allowing them to communicate with students via SMS, email, IVR, and other channels. Ivy.ai also provides critical insights, allowing institutions to challenge basic assumptions and identify communications blind spots. With Ivy.ai, universities have seen a significant reduction in call and email volume, as well as faster, more consistent service. In addition, institutions have saved thousands of dollars by streamlining the financial aid process and providing students with the answers they need in front of them.

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Featured on March 13, 2020



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