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Instant AI Search is a platform that offers a simple way to search for the best AI tools for various use cases. It functions as an AI search engine that enables users to search for a variety of AI tools, including those for customer service, education, research, content creation, image and video generation, legal assistance, and more. The platform offers users the opportunity to join its newsletter, which includes daily updates on new AI tools and updates. Some of the AI tools that can be found on Instant AI Search include Clipy Board, a tool for managing customer service messages and messages to micro-influencers; Khanmigo, an AI-powered education assistant that tailors learning for each student; Wordmetrics, a platform that uses AI and natural language processing to optimize web content for better search performance; Decoherence, an AI animation tool that synchronizes music with animations; Sonix, an automated transcription tool powered by AI; Frase, which offers AI writing tools in categories of copywriting, summarizing, paraphrasing, and advertising; Evoke, which enables businesses to host AI models on the cloud for AI app developers; DoNotPay, the world’s first robot lawyer; Writers Brew, an AI-powered writing assistant that works across all browsers and apps; and Superhuman, an AI-powered email inbox that sorts important email based on behavioral patterns, sets reminders, and tracks open rates. Overall, Instant AI Search provides an accessible and efficient way for users to find the best AI tools for their particular needs, with a wide range of tools available for various industries and purposes.

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Featured on March 19, 2023



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