Content creation and optimization for marketing and SEO.

INK is an AI content assistant that helps marketers and SEOs craft original articles, descriptions, headlines, Google ads, and more. INK is designed to make content creation more efficient and effective with their suite of tools and resources. Their AI Writer is an award-winning long form document editor that can help create optimized copy for anything you can ask INK. Their AI Content Shield protects your content and site from AI penalties. AI KW Research provides automated keyword research to save hours of work. AI KW Clustering helps create topical hubs with a single click. AI Images can create visual content from a text prompt. In addition to tools, INK also provides resources such as tutorials, a help center, bootcamp, 1-1 INK Demo, blog, content resources, a Discord community, Facebook Group, Press Center and Affiliate Partners. INK also offers Content Shield protection, which can detect AI content and protect brands from penalties. Their AI SEO Optimizer can score content for SEO to rank 450% higher in Google. They also offer a SEO Rocket Program step-by-step video course to get massive SEO growth. INK is an all-in-one AI Content Platform that is easy to get started with and master. They provide free learning videos and support to help anyone master content performance. They also have a private Discord and Facebook community where users can get help from seasoned marketing professionals. INK’s customer support team is available to answer questions via email and chat with users during business hours. INK is trusted by over 23,000 accounts and helps marketers create text and visuals 10X faster and easier with patented SEO and user engagement optimization. They also have real time audience research to help with better conversion copywriting. INK helps marketers, writers and entrepreneurs be more productive, get better engagement, protect their brands and increase their ROI.

Ai Promptly

Featured on June 19, 2022



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