Infinite Drum Machine

Create unique beats from everyday sounds.

The Infinite Drum Machine is an AI-powered tool created by Kyle McDonald, Manny Tan, Yotam Mann, and other members of the Google Creative Lab. It allows users to create beats using sounds from the everyday world, with contributions from the Philharmonia Orchestra, London. The open-source code is available on GitHub, and it is part of the A.I. Experiments project. This tool is designed to be used in portrait mode and Chrome browser for the best experience, and it is compliant with Google’s Privacy and Terms policies. The Infinite Drum Machine provides users with a tambourine, snare drum, whip, and filter, as well as a library of 6330 sounds, all of which can be used to create unique beats. An overlay tag system is also available to help identify sounds.

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Featured on August 28, 2017



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