Imagen AI

Enhances photographers' photo workflow.

Imagen is an AI-powered photo editing assistant that helps photographers save time and focus on what they love. It uses your existing Lightroom Classic catalog and AI technology to analyze and learn your personal style, then applies it to your photos in real-time. It can adjust parameters such as white balance, exposure, and color correction, as well as generate a unique profile based on your editing style. Imagen also offers Talent AI Profiles created by industry-leading photographers, allowing you to edit your photos in their style. Imagen cuts your editing workflow by up to 96% and is lightning fast and affordable, with editing speeds of less than 1/2 a second per photo and starting at only $0.05 per photo. Professional photographers around the world are already using Imagen to save time, streamline their workflow, and create stunningly consistent and accurate edits.

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Featured on January 4, 2021



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