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Hushl is a creative platform that uses AI to help users consistently create high-quality content for various social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog posts. It offers a daily curated list of fresh and insightful content ideas, prompts, and inspiration from top platforms, personalized for each user. The platform also claims to provide the best AI assistant for co-creation, with the AI being trained to create quality content across platforms. One of Hushl’s key features is its ability to help users quickly go from ideation to draft, with users being able to create a tweet, blog, or LinkedIn post in minutes through the platform’s user-friendly interface. The platform also offers a gamified community environment, where users can receive helpful feedback from the community on their content before publishing it. Users can also earn tokens for adding value to other community members. Hushl’s main value proposition is its ability to help users overcome two of the biggest challenges in content creation – lack of time and ideas. The platform promises to help users never stare at a blank page again, consistently create fresh and insightful content, and see tangible results in a matter of weeks. Overall, Hushl aims to provide a world of creativity for users, inspiring and facilitating better content creation.

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Featured on May 25, 2022



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