Music hook and melody generation.

HookGen is a web app designed to help music producers and songwriters generate new music hooks and melodies using Artificial Intelligence. It can create a brand new original song using piano, as well as drums, strings, brass, guitar and bass instruments by the end of 2019. HookGen is free and royalty-free, so users have the option to download the MIDI file and use it within any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It also logs how long users listen to a song, which parts they listen to, and when they press the generate button. This information is used to feed back into the AI, which learns how to produce better songs each time someone visits and interacts with the app. HookGen can only be used on a desktop PC or Mac, and users are encouraged to share their generated songs to help develop and improve the AI engine. It was created by Peter CV and the #1 Programming Books Website, and is an example of how AI can be used to be creative and produce original new music.

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Featured on May 21, 2019



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