Coached language for dating app users.

HitchAI is an AI-powered conversational coach that helps users improve their dating app communication skills. Available for download on Google Play, this app generates creative and witty messages to impress matches and prevent awkward conversations. Developed by Arcade Ramen, HitchAI’s conversational AI coach can help users send unusual questions and sweet retorts to increase the chances of getting more dates. With this app, users can avoid red flags and inappropriate messages that can ruin the chances of a successful match. HitchAI also provides data privacy and security for users, ensuring that no data is shared with third-party service providers. Users can learn more about data privacy and security policies by visiting HitchAI’s developer page on Google Play. This app is designed to enhance communication skills while also ensuring a safe and secure experience for users. With over 10 downloads and a PEGI 3 content rating, HitchAI proves itself to be a reliable and effective tool for users who want to improve their dating app communication skills. If you’re looking to impress your matches and improve your dating game, then HitchAI has got you covered.

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Featured on March 29, 2023



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