User-avatar generation inspired by video games.

HeroPack is an AI generated profile picture generator that produces avatars inspired by video games. It allows users to purchase a HeroPack for $29 which consists of 128 avatars across 44 styles, with delivery as 512x512px PNG files. The avatars are generated from a deep learning generation model, trained on 10-20 photos of the user’s face that they upload. These photos are then auto-deleted within 24 hours, while the model and generated renders are kept for 30 days. The photos must meet certain guidelines such as different angles, expressions and lighting, and no other people can be present in the photos. HeroPack was designed and developed by the brothers @flarup, @Mikkel_hartmann and @Mads_hartmann.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 24, 2022



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