Automated email response writing.

HarvyAI is an AI-tool designed to assist professionals with writing faster and more efficient email responses. The tool uses ChatGPT powered technology and features a native email interface, and is compatible with various web browsers. HarvyAI claims that it can reduce the time it takes to complete email responses by 90%. The AI assistant supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic, among others. Harvy can write contextually relevant responses that match the tone and writing style of the user, and can be guided to produce natural-sounding replies. HarvyAI does not have access to users’ emails but requires sample email data to adapt to their style of writing. The AI tool is available as a Chrome extension and initially supports Gmail users. The company promises to charge a fair and affordable price for their services. The tool is newly launched and has already garnered support from professionals seeking to improve their email response time. Technical support and queries can be directed to the company via email. Overall, HarvyAI presents a promising solution to help professionals improve their email productivity.

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Featured on February 28, 2023



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