Generated images and art made easy.

HappyAccidents is a cloud-based AI tool that provides an easy and efficient way of generating art, design, and images using AI models. The platform is designed to simplify the handling of AI models, embeddings, datasets and other related areas, saving users time and effort to focus on creating. With HappyAccidents, users can easily access a vast library of pre-trained AI models that can be used to generate images from any open-source model without manual downloading and uploading. In addition, the platform supports customized training of embeddings and AI models, allowing users to train their own models without any technical background. HappyAccidents supports several image generation techniques such as Text2Image and Image2Image, and powerful cloud GPU to perform tasks like model hosting, inpainting, upscaling, and face restore. The tools enable designers, game creators, and artists to work on their passion projects with ease. Users can train any open-source model with custom styles and subjects, while iterating on their work to achieve perfection. HappyAccidents is a powerful but simple tool that supports power users and beginners alike, making it an ideal tool for anyone looking to create art and designs with AI models. HappyAccidents emphasizes data protection and emphasizes the importance of privacy policy.

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Featured on February 27, 2023



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