Hackers Dev

Developer job suggestions.

Hackers.dev is a professional platform for developers, offering skill-based job recommendations powered by AI. The platform utilizes a model that has been fine-tuned on over 100,000 developer jobs and over 8,000 jobs from more than 500 companies. The recommendations are generated using embeddings, a technique for representing data in a way that captures semantic relationships between features, and they are tailored to individual developers’ skill sets. Hackers.dev aims to match developers with job opportunities that align with their skills and interests, making the job search process more efficient and effective. The platform is designed to help developers quickly and easily find job opportunities that are a good fit for their skills, and provides opportunities for career growth and advancement with access to a diverse range of job opportunities.The platform is easy to sign up for and try out, and users can connect with the hackers.dev community on GitHub and Twitter. Additionally, the platform makes it easy to get in touch with the team behind hackers.dev for support or to provide feedback. Overall, hackers.dev offers a valuable resource for developers looking to advance their careers in a targeted and efficient way with the help of AI-powered job recommendations.

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