Search personal media w/ natural language & face recog.

Hachi, developed by Raman Labs, is an AI tool that enables users to search for information across personal videos and images using natural language as an interface. The tool also offers face recognition that allows users to tag and search quickly using just a face across image collections. The app is privacy-focused and only works offline, as all indexes are stored locally, ensuring a fully private search experience. Hachi offers several features, including video search, which allows users to search for scenes, objects, and persons via text queries while playing videos at the same time. Additionally, image search allows users to search through their image collections via a text query, making it easy to find desired photos and inspiration. Face recognition allows users to search for themselves or their loved ones across all images, running fully local for a private search experience.The app requires a quad-core CPU with AVX2 instructions and at least 4GB RAM, supporting only X86_64 architectures. The tool can be purchased through Gumroad and is available in both a free and paid version, with the paid version providing improved video search, an unlimited number of indexed videos and images, email support, and community support, with free updates for one year.In conclusion, Hachi offers a powerful and fast natural language search interface to search media data on consumer-grade CPUs. It is a well-suited tool for individuals seeking a more efficient and reliable search tool for their personal videos and images.

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Featured on March 20, 2023



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