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Personalized & reliable search engine results.

Grep is a new and innovative search engine that aims to solve the problem of drowning search engines in mostly unauthoritative content and the rise of AI-generated content. By allowing users to follow a minimum of 7 websites they like, Grep builds a 4-degree connection network based on the websites they follow and the websites those websites link to, and so on. If the minimum website requirement of 70,000 websites is not met, the network expands up to 7 degrees of connection. Grep’s unique approach to personalized search engine results ensures that users receive only high-quality and reliable information from a network of trusted sources, regardless of the saturation of SEO or AI-generated content. As a result, the search engine delivers authoritative and reliable results that users trust. Although Grep is still in early development, the long-term vision is to become a new kind of social search engine with even more social features in the future. With the ability for users to follow and connect with like-minded individuals, Grep might be the future of personalized, trusted search engine results. Any feedback can be addressed to Grep on Twitter or Discord.

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Featured on August 18, 2022



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