Grafi AI

Generated healthcare content from vetted sources. is an AI-powered content generation tool specifically designed for healthcare and medical writers to make the process of writing easier and faster. The platform uses pre-vetted sources, including scientific journals, PubMed, and MedlinePlus, to produce quality long-form content that can be generated within minutes. By leveraging existing writing and uploaded content from certified healthcare databases, Grafi AI generates new, original content that is SEO-friendly and user-specific. The platform consists of four steps: writing a draft headline or title for content, adding URLs or uploading PDFs of existing content, organizing the outline, and editing and exporting. Grafi AI simplifies the content creation process by using AI/ML algorithms to suggest ideas for the outline based on the draft headline, and then allowing writers to add or subtract content as needed. Once the content is polished, it can be exported for publication on websites or other healthcare provides researched, reliable, and highly relevant content for a variety of readers, making it an ideal tool for both freelance healthcare writers and in-house marketers. The platform reduces the burden of validating facts, allowing writers to focus on content creation rather than research. The tool also allows healthcare writers to train the AI/ML algorithm from their own body of research, making it an adaptable and personalized content generation tool.

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Featured on November 24, 2022



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