Plagiarism detection for educational institutions.

GPTZero is an AI detection tool designed for educators and anyone who wants to detect AI-generated texts. The tool boasts of over a million users and has been featured in major news outlets like CNN, BBC, and The New York Times. GPTZero features a plagiarism score that provides a holistic score for the amount of AI-generated content in a document. The tool highlights individual sentences that are generated by AI to make it easy for users to identify them. GPTZero supports batch uploads, allowing users to upload multiple files at once, making it easy for educators to check an entire classroom’s work.The GPTZero API allows organizations to integrate the tool seamlessly into their systems. The API is easy to use, and the company provides integration support to customize endpoints to clients’ needs. Users can access the API’s documentation via the website.GPTZero is a reliable tool for detecting AI-generated text and has been used by several education institutions worldwide, including NYU and Purdue. The GPTZero team strives to improve the tool for educators, and they partner with organizations like K16 Solutions and Canvas to ensure constant updates and improvements.

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Featured on December 27, 2022



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