GptGO – ChatGPT From Any Tab

Chatbot interaction extension, no tab-switching needed.

GptGO is a Chrome extension that allows users to search anything on ChatGPT without ever leaving their current tab. Its flagship feature is Quick Search, which enables users to interact with ChatGPT without having to navigate its user interface. To use Quick Search, users must simply highlight a section of text, right-click, and select the GptGO extension. Within seconds, the response from ChatGPT will appear on the user’s screen as a notification. In addition to Quick Search, GptGO also features a small popup window that allows users to type in their own prompt and read longer responses from ChatGPT. It should be noted that some of GptGO’s promotional videos highlight its speed and accuracy by solving multiple-choice questions. However, the questions in these videos hold no academic merit and are meant to only demonstrate the extension’s capabilities. GptGO does not support any form of cheating, including but not limited to plagiarism, impersonation, or illegal use of online resources. Users are not permitted to use GptGO for any purpose that may result in academic dishonesty.

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Featured on February 28, 2023



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