GPT Hotline

WhatsApp assistant with chatbot and voice messaging.

GPT Hotline is an AI-powered messaging assistant that allows users to connect with the world’s smartest AI on WhatsApp without needing to download any apps or bookmarks. It provides an easy way to message the AI, search and share past conversations, and use special commands to get images, videos and news. GPT Hotline leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT, giving users access to the world’s most advanced chatbot on their favorite messaging app. With Speech To Text functionality, users can also send voice messages (in English only) to GPT and it will respond. To get GPT Hotline, users must sign up for the GPT Pro Plan, register their phone number, and start texting their AI assistant. A code is available to get 20% off the pro plan for the first month, and users can cancel anytime and get refunded from their Subscription Portal if they don’t like it.

Ai Promptly

Featured on December 9, 2022



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