GPT ChatBot

Web chat interface with natural language processing.

The Chatbot GPT3 Plugin from Bubble is a new way to build web applications with point-and-click programming tools. It allows website owners to easily install and integrate OpenAI’s GPT3 language AI into their site. GPT3 is the world’s smartest AI language, capable of understanding natural language and providing accurate answers to complex questions. This plugin allows users to drag and drop the AI onto their website and get started quickly, without needing to understand any coding. Additionally, it can be used on platforms such as Shopify and WordPress, and is a cost-effective way to add AI capabilities to any website. The plugin also comes with an educational example question, and demo versions for Bubble, Shopify, and WordPress, so users can get a feel for how the plugin works before committing to it. Finally, customer service is available through email for any further assistance required.

Ai Promptly

Featured on December 31, 2022



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