Spreadsheet function for semantic text matching.

Goodlookup is a smart function specifically designed for spreadsheet users. It is a pre-trained model that combines the intuition of GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) and the join capabilities of Fuzzy Matching. Goodlookup is used similarly to other popular spreadsheet functions like VLOOKUP or INDEX MATCH, but it is specifically designed to speed up topic clustering work in Google Sheets. It is subscription-based, and the cost for a yearly subscription is $15 per year. The main limitation of traditional fuzzy matching is that it does not take into consideration similarities outside of the strings, which is particularly problematic with topic clustering that requires semantic understanding. Goodlookup is a new tool in the data ops repertoire that can match similar text the way a human would. It can match semantic relationships, synonyms, and even cultural similarities between text strings, making it a useful tool for text-to-text record linking problems, particularly for modern spreadsheet users who have data living in multiple places without uniform naming conventions, making it hard to get a clear and unified view of the data. Goodlookup is not intended to replace fuzzy matching; rather, it complements it by adding a new layer of semantic understanding to text data matching.

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Featured on November 19, 2022



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