God In A Box

Advice service via WhatsApp.

God In A Box offers a unique service that allows users to access the powerful GPT-3.5 AI directly through Whatsapp. This AI, also known as ChatGPT, can provide advice on a range of topics from wound care to philosophy. The base plan is free and allows up to 10 messages a month, while the paid plan offers unlimited messages for $9/month. God In A Box does not store messages on its servers, so conversations are kept private. To prevent rate limit abuse, users can only send one message every 10 seconds and response lengths are truncated to 256 tokens. The Chromium headless browser and OpenAI davinci003 model are used for authentication safety and conversation context thread auto-reset after 10 minutes. For those who need additional services or support, the company offers an Enterprise plan.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 29, 2022



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