Auto video creation from written text & media resources.

GliaStudio is an automated video platform that empowers teams to spread content with short videos. It uses AI technology to transform articles into videos in minutes. It features automatic text summarization to condense lengthy text into short summaries, abundant media resources to visualize with various media assets, and branded themes and features to customize for consistent branding. GliaStudio also allows users to free up 50% of content creators’ time so they can engage in more qualitative work. With GliaStudio, teams can generate videos from news content, social posts, live sport events, and statistical data in minutes and increase video production volume by 10X. GliaStudio is trusted by influential publishers such as Tiktok, KKBOX, YOUKU, PIXNET, Business NEXT, and ZHIBO. It also provides access to high quality media assets for free.

Ai Promptly

Featured on April 2, 2018



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.