Codebase conversational documentation. is a conversational AI documentation tool that uses LLMs (Large Language Models) and AI to understand a company’s codebase, providing a more efficient alternative to traditional documentation. By syncing with a company’s GitHub repositories in real-time,’s conversational documentation can train new developers faster and keep senior engineers up-to-date with the latest code changes. The tool is designed to help increase team productivity by providing a natural, conversational codebase that reduces the need for stagnant wikis and forgotten documents folders. also offers several features such as auto-syncing repositories, adding corrections and context, uploading custom documents, and a choice between Slack or in-app chat for communication. The tool encrypts all shared information with access keys generated per-request for added security. As conversational AI documentation becomes more prevalent,’s GitHub integration is just the beginning, and in the future, it plans to integrate with favorite document applications creating internal and external assistants serving both teams and customers. With unlimited GitHub documents and ten free questions and answers, is an excellent option for companies looking to streamline their documentation processes.

Ai Promptly

Featured on January 16, 2023



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