GitHub Copilot X

Automated software development assistance.

GitHub Copilot X is the future vision for AI-powered software development, offering chat and terminal interfaces with support for pull requests and early adoption of OpenAI’s GPT-4. It is designed to support every part of the workflow integrated into the developer’s pipeline. Copilot X is an extension of the GitHub Copilot tool and focuses on enhancing Copilot’s capabilities to provide AI assistance throughout the developer’s workflow. AI-generated PR descriptions, auto-generating missing unit tests and automating workflow are among the key features. Copilot X provides personalized documentation, which delivers inline citations and answers technical questions, helping developers spend less time searching and more time learning. It also tracks the developer’s work and suggests comments, helping reviewers reason about changes with a code walkthrough. The X in Copilot X represents an extension to build new experiences across the developer’s workflow and shows GitHub’s commitment to developers collectively entering the age of AI. Currently, Copilot X is not an available product offering from GitHub but is a part of GitHub’s vision for the future of AI-powered software development. Developers can preview the features by joining the waitlist, and once selected for a preview, the features will be beta or technical. The research proves that Copilot X is efficient, providing developers with an overall more satisfying experience, increasing productivity and accelerating the development process.

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Featured on March 15, 2023



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