GetSound Ai

Personalized soundscapes for hotels.

GetSound Ai Soundscapes is an AI-powered tool that creates dynamic, personalized soundscapes for spas, hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses. It takes into consideration environmental factors such as the time of day, temperature, clouds, rain, wind, sun and environment to generate a unique soundscape. The soundscapes are weather-reactive, with changes occurring by the minute and never repeated. GetSound also offers a selection of 20+ environments, including sunrise, sunset, desert, jungle, ocean, wind and rain, which can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. Additionally, the soundscapes are royalty-free and compatible with Airplay. GetSound offers a free 7-day trial, as well as customer support, making it an ideal solution for those looking to create a relaxing atmosphere and improve the overall customer experience.

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Featured on June 5, 2022



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