Automated creation and publishing of SEO blog content.

GetBotz is an AI tool that automates the process of creating and publishing SEO-optimized articles on a blog. By using GPT-3.5 technology and data from the SEO data company, GetBotz generates over 30 articles per month, tailored to the user’s preferred content and niche. The tool also optimizes articles for readability and SEO, including meta tags and alt tags, and submits them for indexing to Google using Google APIs. The tool boasts complete automation, requiring only three simple steps: providing basic details about the blog, connecting the WordPress website, and letting GetBotz take care of regular posting. By constantly monitoring the user’s Google ranking and adjusting the upcoming articles accordingly, GetBotz ensures that the content is relevant and effective. With more than 4000 blog articles published in the last three months and 800+ of them ranking on Google SERP at the time of writing, GetBotz claims to have helped over 60 blogs automate their publishing process with zero effort from the users. The tool also addresses common pain points of blogging, such as the time commitment and financial burden of hiring a content agency or management provider. GetBotz promises to increase blog traffic without relying on ads and repetitive tasks by scaling business while automating blogging.

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Featured on June 21, 2022



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