Platform for creating artwork from descriptions.

Generai is an AI-powered platform designed to transform creative ideas into reality. It is a powerful tool for creating artwork from simple descriptions and is ideal for businesses and artists alike. With Generai, users can provide a brief description of their desired artwork and the platform’s AI artists will take over from there, creating a unique image based on the words provided. Generai’s AI artists use the latest algorithms and hardware to produce high-resolution 4K+ images with a high level of detail. The platform also offers a smart prompting system that helps users find the perfect description for their artwork. Generai also provides consulting services for businesses, as well as free worldwide shipping on canvas prints, poster prints, and aluminum prints. To ensure privacy and security, Generai uses cookies to store information while providing users with a better, faster, and safer experience.

Ai Promptly

Featured on July 21, 2022



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