Learning platform for students with intelligent support.

Geleza is an AI-driven learning platform designed for high school and college students to simplify their learning and help them prepare for examinations. The platform utilizes multiple AI models to understand students’ study patterns, provide assistance with homework and writing letters and essays, and generate exams for better exam preparation. Additionally, Geleza allows students to create and find lessons, connect with tutors, practice exams, complete assignments, and ask questions to tutors anytime, anywhere globally. The platform’s professional tutors are always available to help students with their lessons. Geleza boasts a user-friendly interface that offers a classroom portal for students to access all its features. Moreover, the platform provides a range of tools and solutions such as Zeda Chat, Zeda Writer, PrepPal, and Smart Tools to improve students’ learning experience. Geleza also offers affordable pricing that starts with a free trial period without requiring any credit card information or commitment. Geleza additional features include chat support, notes for students’ reference, and a trusted user base of over 140,000 students. The platform is created and managed by Reavize Enterprises. Geleza aims to revolutionize high school education and help students achieve their goals and academic dreams.

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Featured on January 2, 2023



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