Detection of hate speech and profanity in content.

Fuk.ai is a free tool for hate speech and profanity detection. The software uses multiple Transformer-based neural network architectures to ensure that content created by users does not contain any offensive language or discriminatory remarks. The tool utilizes cutting-edge natural language processing power to analyze text and provides users with an assessment of the probability of offensive language in the given input. Fuk.ai is designed to be easily integrated into user-generated apps and websites to help prevent hate speech and profanity-filled content. The tool can be used in various contexts such as text analysis, live chat, comments and research, and can be customized for specific use cases upon discussion with the Fuk.ai team. Fuk.ai also offers an API for hate speech and profanity detection, which users can incorporate into their own applications. By calling the API, users receive a probability score and hate speech indexes in the output. Fuk.ai is a product of Oveit, a software development company. In summary, Fuk.ai is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for detecting hate speech and profanity, and can be a valuable addition to content moderation systems.

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Featured on November 22, 2022



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