Conversion of images into HTML and CSS.

Fronty is an AI-powered image to HTML CSS code converter that enables users to quickly and easily generate HTML code from uploaded images. Fronty’s AI technology can convert any image into HTML and CSS code in a matter of minutes. The code is clean and easy to maintain, requiring no coding knowledge. Fronty also provides a no-code editor to edit the design and styling of the HTML code. Users can also launch their website with Fronty’s hosting service and attach custom domain, get 99.8% uptime hosting and backups anytime. Fronty also provides SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly website, valid world class standards and UI design solutions. With over 100k websites created, Fronty has been approved by Product Hunt and is the #1stProductOfTheDay and one of the Golden Kitty Awards Winners. Fronty’s image to HTML CSS code converter keeps on improving to win people’s trust and is trusted by many satisfied clients. Fronty also provides helpful resources and blog posts to keep users updated on design and coding.

Ai Promptly

Featured on September 27, 2017



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