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Freeday is a digital staffing platform that offers digital employees powered by artificial intelligence to help teams outsource their repetitive and tedious tasks. The platform has an aim to enable teams to free up their time, ultimately improving productivity and enhancing experiences that can lead to increased revenue. Freeday offers digital employees in various areas such as customer care center, employee engagement, accounts payable, and know your customer, which help companies in different aspects of their operations. The platform operates in Europe and has partnerships with several reputable companies. Freeday offers a demo to its clients to explore its benefits and offers access to its digital employees as per requirement. The platform guarantees its clients safe and accurate outsourcing because of its partners, which include google cloud partner, nl-ai-coalitie, and nen. Additionally, the platform has offices in Rotterdam and New York, which can help it provide services and support to clients globally. Finally, the platform offers a newsletter that contains valuable insights, use cases, and new products concerning AI, which keeps its audience up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

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Featured on January 18, 2021



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.