Feedly Leo

Aid for quickly filtering and prioritizing information.

Meet Leo, an AI research assistant developed by Feedly, is a powerful tool that helps users to quickly sort through large amounts of information and focus on topics that matter to them. Leo uses machine learning and natural language processing to filter out noise and prioritize articles that are relevant to the user. It allows users to prioritize topics, trends, and keywords of their choice, deduplicate repetitive news, mute irrelevant information, and summarize articles. With Leo, users can also train the AI to understand their interests by selecting certain topics and trends from their curated boards. In addition, Leo has a business events skill that allows users to track industry activities such as funding events, partnerships announcements, product launches, and leadership changes. With its sophisticated features, Leo is designed to help users declutter their feeds and gain deeper insights into the topics and trends that matter to them.

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Featured on March 1, 2022



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