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FAQx is an internet-enabled answer engine that offers fast and accurate answers to thousands of factual questions. With access to the whole internet and over 300,000 human-verified facts, users can say goodbye to endless searches and get the information they need quickly. The tool also offers context filters, allowing users to search for information in specific categories such as education, health and wellness, legal, and government. FAQx sources information from reputable websites such as MayoClinic, WebMD, Drugs.com, Healthline.com, Khan Academy, The Princeton Review, Coursera, EdX, Study.com, FastCase.com, FindLaw.com, and the official government website of Cornell University. Users can ask a wide range of questions, such as the main government URL for Corpus Christi, TX, what to know about Sarasota, FL, where to find community service hours in Boston, MA, and how to get an event permit in Austin, Texas. The tool is available as a downloadable app and is an essential local directory for factual, reliable information.

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Featured on November 14, 2022



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