Facet 2.0

Efficient image creation & editing for creatives.

Facet is an AI-native image creation tool designed to give creative professionals more control over their workflows. It automates the most tedious parts of the creative process, enabling faster and more precise editing. With Facet’s auto-masking feature, artists can quickly and accurately make adjustments to people, backgrounds, clothing, hair, objects, and more, with no lasso tool required. The editor can also apply edits to multiple images simultaneously, streamline collaboration with real-time multiplayer functionality, and explore ready-made styles created by Facet’s artist community. Plus, users can create their own custom styles and share them with their team or the Facet community. Unsplash+ x Facet is a collaboration between Facet and Unsplash where four Facet artists have created their own image collections with styles now available to the Facet community.

Ai Promptly

Featured on October 25, 2020



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