Enhance and restore low-quality photos.

Face26 is an AI-powered tool that enhances old, pixelated, or blurred photos into high-definition pictures with one-click. This web-based photo enhancer offers a range of features, including AI upscaling, face retouching, image sharpening, and photo colorization. It also has built-in photo enhancement tools that allow users to sharpen, denoise, and retouch their photos in seconds. Face26’s algorithm has been trained on over 2 million images of high-resolution photos to provide the best results without requiring any editing skills from the user. The tool can be used on desktop or smartphone, and images can be saved and downloaded directly. Face26 has received positive testimonials, highlighting the app’s ability to enhance old photos and remove blurs and noise from images. The tool is also capable of turning black-and-white photos into colored ones. In addition to its photo enhancing capabilities, Face26 offers other AI photo tools such as watermark removal, background removal, and object removal. Overall, Face26 provides an easy-to-use solution for anyone who wants to restore and enhance their old or low-quality photos.

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Featured on January 14, 2023



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