Customized stories with machine-made images.

Fabled.ai is an AI-driven story generator that creates personalized stories with beautiful images. It provides users with the ability to create customized, illustrated stories with just one sentence. Fabled.ai also offers a Hero Builder that allows users to customize a virtual character with AI-generated images. Furthermore, users can use the story generator to create one-off custom stories about any topic or theme, such as kids stories, baby books, adult novels, or fan-fiction. Additionally, the stories are suitable for readers of all ages and can be set to either private or public settings. The AI-driven story generator works by using a type of machine learning called deep learning to generate a book based on the sentence provided by the user. It also uses a different type of AI to generate images. Lastly, Fabled.ai is committed to helping people discover their passion for reading through the cognitive benefits of reading, such as helping to boost concentration, creativity, and literacy.

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Featured on November 18, 2022



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