Eventual AI

Refined business requirements and generated code.

EventualAi is an AI-powered tool designed to help businesses explore and refine their requirements using natural language processing. With its declarative approach, eventualAi enables business leaders and engineers to work backwards from problems, providing a high-level discussion of their business domains while drilling down to details and refining their use-cases by engaging with the tool. Once the business requirements are defined, the tool leverages AI to propose a solution while considering the business goals, tenets, and policies. With feedback and direction from the users, eventualAi then generates code implementing the service, providing instant changes and iterating quickly through user feedback. The objective of eventualAi is to enable business leaders and engineers to deploy a fully functioning service to the cloud without the need for significant manual coding by providing abstractions for distributed systems like APIs, durable workflows, transactions, pub/sub and more. By engaging the autopilot mode, users can define their business goals, tenets, and policies, allowing eventualAutopilot to automatically explore the business domain, suggest improvements and implement new capabilities. Overall, eventualAi offers an innovative approach to the traditional process of developing and deploying a service to the cloud, leveraging AI and natural language processing to simplify the process and increase efficiency. It is an ideal tool for businesses looking to streamline the development process and rapidly deliver solutions to the cloud.

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Featured on March 29, 2023



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