Centralizes, searches and analyzes customer convos.

EnVsion is a video platform designed to help busy customer-facing teams save time finding and sharing key learnings from videos of customer conversations. It provides an all-in-one video platform with automated transcriptions, search capabilities, and collaboration tools. The platform enables teams to centralise, empower, collaborate, and augment their workflow with knowledge embedded from their videos.EnVsion allows users to upload any video or directly integrate with their Zoom account, and store and organise their videos in channels based on their team’s needs. It also helps teams find videos quickly and easily by searching for specific soundbites, tags and more. It also enables them to create engaging video clips by selecting the most important sentences from the auto-generated transcript, and securely share videos with colleagues for better team collaboration.EnVsion also integrates with third-party applications to supercharge workflows with videos. This includes creating enriched videos, sharing video content with anyone inside or outside the team, and embedding videos with in-video search for more engaging viewing experience. Teams love EnVsion for its intuitive video clipping, automatic transcriptions and ability to download video snippets.

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Featured on January 24, 2023



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