Email writing assistance.

EffortlessEmail is an AI-powered tool that integrates into the Gmail User Interface, allowing users to save up to 70% of their daily email time. It accurately turns bullet points into fully-formulated emails and opens the draft in a new email or as a reply to an existing email. The tool is free to use, with paid features available, and is designed to work with Gmail. The user can select a language and tone that suits their purpose, enter bullet points into the text box and click the ‘Submit and open Email’ button, then review and refine the content. There are also additional resources and support available from the website and YouTube channel. The tool requires access to the user’s Google account in order to manage drafts, send emails and view email messages. Furthermore, it will need access to the user’s primary Google account email address and personal information, including any public information. EffortlessEmail is highly rated by users, with many praising its time-saving capabilities.

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Featured on December 27, 2022



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