Organized browser history and document access.

Eesel is a browser extension that helps you filter and organize your browser history in a convenient way. The tool allows you to easily access work-related documents right from your new tab using filters such as recent documents or search by app, title, or content. It also enables you to create new documents or follow your teammates’ projects, using shortcuts to open the extension from any page for easy access. Eesel is designed to work seamlessly with any app or website you open in your browser, helping you find documents, projects, or customer-related pages efficiently without much effort. One of the most significant aspects of eesel is that it organizes your work automatically into folders, enabling quick access to the pages you need to access for any project or customer. The tool automatically updates you on your team’s progress or any new pages they make, meaning you won’t have to chase for updates on other apps. Additionally, eesel does not require you to create an account or to connect to other apps, and it is entirely secure as it runs fully locally by default, meaning your data stays within your browser. Eesel is free to install on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers.

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Featured on April 7, 2020



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