Ecrett Music

Customizable music composer with large pattern library.

Ecrett Music is an AI-driven music composing software designed to help content creators quickly and conveniently create royalty free music. It features an intuitive interface so users need to know nothing about music to use it. Ecrett Music provides 500,000+ patterns of music every month, so users can find the perfect track for their project. It also allows for customization of music, such as adjusting instrument and structure, as well as allowing users to upload videos to review if the music matches. In terms of pricing, Ecrett Music offers 3 different plans – a free plan, an individual plan, and a business plan. The individual plan is billed annually and provides users with the ability to download unlimited royalty free music and use it for commercial projects, such as for YouTube monetization. The business plan is also billed annually and allows for license to be applied to the company. Ecrett Music also offers Do’s and Don’ts to ensure users are using the software correctly. The Do’s include using the music for contents such as hobbies, ads, wedding, monetized contents, gaming, etc. The Don’ts include using the music for contents that are harmful, sexual and/or hateful, as well as prohibiting the sharing, sending or distributing music created with ecrett as a music format (even for free) and/or through downloadable link. Behind Ecrett Music, a team of musicians, composers, dancers, designers, and engineers are developing the software to help content creators.

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Featured on June 15, 2021



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