Web assistant to increase productivity and efficiency.

Dust XP1 is a GPT-based assistant tool with access to your browser tabs. It is designed to increase productivity by helping users with daily tasks such as answering emails, summarizing documents, and extracting structured data from unstructured text. It is easy to use and can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+↑. It also features tab-selecting syntax (`[[`) to include content from different tabs into the context of your query.When submitting a query, Dust XP1 displays the current model usage cost for the period. It also supports JSON extraction from emails and LinkedIn profiles with the form {name, email, job_title, feedback, date}.Dust XP1 is privacy-conscious and only sends the text content of selected tabs through its servers to OpenAI’s API. It does not send cookies, tab list, or non-submitted tab content.Dust XP1 has some known limitations, such as not being compatible with Google Docs and Google Sheets (work in progress) and having a model context size limitation for long documents when using multiple tabs. For support, users can email [email protected] or join the #xp1 channel on Discord.

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Featured on December 6, 2022



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