Generated personalized images in multiple styles.

DreamPic.AI is an AI-powered platform that allows users to create personalized images of themselves in a variety of styles. The platform requires a user to upload 10-30 photos of themselves, select the desired styles they wish to generate images in, and let the AI model do the rest. After training the model, the user is presented with a link to view the results and download all generated images. DreamPic.AI also allows users to reuse or download the trained model so they can generate more pictures in different styles. The platform comes with a wide range of pre-defined styles that cover a range of genres such as celebrity, art, animals, fantasy, sci-fi, professional headshots, cartoon, vintage, anime, surreal, gothic, steampunk, hipster, retro, fantasy, cyberpunk, hip-hop, elegant, bohemian, grunge, preppy, sporty, glamorous, pop art, minimalist, eclectic, urban, traditional, western, nautical, military, folk, tropical, art deco, medieval, greek, safari, beach, circus, beach bum, stargazer, deep space, icicles, desert, vaporwave, modern princess, fashion, princess, dream pilot, colorful portrait, lawyer, black suit, employee, death note digital art, android portrait, comic soccer player, clean line art, psychedelic portrait, fantasy ottoman warrior, african tribal portrait, african shaman, fantasy singer, phantom warrior, color leaves, and more.

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Featured on November 10, 2022



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