Draw Things: AI Generation

Assisted image generation application for Apple devices.

Draw Things: AI Generation is a user friendly AI-assisted image generation tool for iOS and Mac OS X 12.4 or later. Users can easily create and edit images with AI. It is a locally run application, so all data is stored and processed on the device, protecting user privacy.The app has a clean and intuitive interface which guides users through the creation process. There is a variety of different styles to choose from, from abstract and surreal to more realistic and lifelike. Users also have a high level of control, being able to adjust various parameters such as color, shape and composition to get the desired results.Draw Things: AI Generation also allows users to save and export images in a wide range of formats, making it easy to share creations on social media or use them in other projects. For more advanced users, the app also supports Model Mixing, allowing users to mix different models together.Overall, Draw Things: AI Generation is a powerful and user friendly AI-assisted image generation tool that provides users with a wide range of features and options to create unique and beautiful images.

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Featured on November 2, 2022



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